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Catholic Architecture

The JP2 Foundation has helped publishing several publications which study the relationship between architecture and liturgy.

Catholic architecture in the 20th century

In this richly illustrated book, the works of the four architects Van der Laan are described in conjunction. Leo van der Laan designed hundreds of buildings together with his son Jan, especially in Leiden and the surrounding area. They were known as Catholic traditionalist architects, who mainly built within their own Catholic social environment. Their work shows a clear development, with their approach always showing something very specific within the current style of their contemporaries.

Dom Hans van der Laan and his brother Nico developed a fully elaborated theory about the relationship between architecture and liturgy. By not considering their proportional system of the plastic number in an isolated way, and placing it within the context of the larger whole of the world created by God, they helped generations of Catholic architects reflect on the essence of architecture. Their designs continue to attract attention due to their simplicity and special style.

Katholieke architectuur in de twintigste eeuw. De vier architecten van de Leidse familie Van der Laan, Verloren, Hilversum 2017, ISBN 9789087047075, 411 pp.

Discovering Leiden on foot

This book contains a (virtual or actual) tour of 25 highlights of the work of the four architects Van der Laan in Leiden. With their work, Father Leo and his three sons Jan, Hans and Nico have made an important mark on the architectural design of the city. Walking is the best way to (better) get to know this rich Leiden heritage. The book offers a choice between a long and a short walk. The route is clearly indicated with descriptions and maps.

“This book keeps alive the memory of a striking architectural family that has meant so much to the image of Leiden and the Netherlands. I hope that many, like me, will happily browse and read this book and go out with the book in hand in Leiden.” Henri J.J. Lenferink, Mayor of Leiden.

Wandelend Leiden ontdekken met vier architecten Van der Laan, Ginkgo: Leiden 2017, ISBN 9789492093035, 72 pp.