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JP2 Foundation

The JP2 Foundation is committed to proclaiming and explaining the Gospel and the Tradition of the Catholic Churchwith the words of Saint Paul in mind: “Proclaim the message, be persistent whether the time is favourable or unfavourable, convince, rebuke, and encourage, with the utmost patience in teaching” (II Tim 4,2). It is named after Saint Pope John Paul II, patron saint of the foundation. The JP2 Foundation will always work in accordance with the teaching, morals, and customs of the Roman Catholic Church.


As stated in the statutes, the objectives of the JP2 Foundation are in translation: “To propagate, proclaim and teach the Gospel and the Roman Catholic Tradition and to encourage a living relationship with Jesus Christ, especially among young people, as well as supporting theological and spiritual studies and publications, also where these have interfaces with other disciplines.”


The JP2 Foundation seeks to achieve its objectives by initiating, organising and financially supporting lectures, courses, studies and publications, using any and all means of communication, including print, the Internet, and other electronic media, and furthermore by performing all which may help to achieve the objective.


The activities of the JP2 Foundation can be divided as follows:


When proclaiming and explaining the Catholic faith in contemporary comprehensible language, the objective to help to people grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. The JP2 Foundation wants to help (young) people to discover the truth about God and themselves, and give it a place in their lives. The publication of catechetical and pastoral resources can play an important role.

Academic Study

Knowledge of the faith in a broad sense is of great importance for the Church and for personal life of the faithful. The JP2 Foundation intends to stimulate theological and spiritual study and publications. The idea is to initiate a dialogue on an academic level with a specific sector in society. Especially scientific studies that lay a bridge between theology or philosophy and other scientific disciplines are important.

General information

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