Open wide the doors to Christ!

The JP2 Foundation is committed to proclaim and explain the Gospel and the Tradition of the Catholic Church, mindful of the words of Saint Paul: “Proclaim the Gospel; be persistent whether the time is favourable or unfavourable; convince, rebuke, and encourage, with the utmost patience in teaching” (2 Tim 4:2). In doing so we have a special attention for reaching younger generations and the use of modern means of communication.


Tweeting with GOD

All around the world people are currently using Tweeting with GOD, available in 25+ language editions. Its success is chiefly related to profound questions by young people, that are answered in a crisp and clear manner, using modern means of communication. A book, an app, social media, and videos all are part of the approach, which is being embraced by ever more nations and bishops’ conferences.

Online with Saints

User requests from the network of Tweeting with GOD led to the development of Online with Saints, which is also translated into many languages. It is as if you are following the social media of the saints, who are sharing experiences from their daily life as if these happen right now. Together with the saints we search for answers to modern day questions. A book, an app, videos, and a strong presence on the social media bring us truly Online with Saints.

Architecture and Liturgy

A good example of the interdisciplinary scholarly research supported by the JP2 Foundation is that into the relationship between liturgy and architecture. Great architecture continues to astonish and impress people in a very strong way, and the work of its earthly creator can bring them closer to their Creator in heaven as well. Several books have been published in search for the relation between liturgy and architecture, wondering for example, whether there is something like truly Catholic architecture.

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You can help us tremendously by making a financial contribution. Your donation will be fully used for the evangelisation initiatives of the JP2 Foundation, such as Tweeting with GOD and Online with Saints. For its work, the JP2 Foundation depends fully on donations.

Pray with us

Join us in prayer for the work of the JP2 Foundation, especially for Tweeting with GOD and all connected initiatives like Online with Saints and How to grow in faith, as well as for its initiators, father Michel Remery and the international team. Your prayer is very much needed.

Patron Saint

The patron saint of the work of the JP2 Foundation is Saint Pope John Paul II. He always had a great love for the energy and joy of young people and told them not to be afraid to be the protagonists of change. In addressing the young he addressed all, just as the work of the JP2 Foundation intends to do. We too dream of the day when all people will be free to choose their religion and beliefs and that they would use their freedom wisely and choose in accordance with the Will of God.